Renovating Your House And Electricity Safety

House Renovating

Renovation time is fun and exciting but a huge cost at the same time. One of the best ways to save some money is doing some of the work yourself, things that you can manage without the help of a professional. You will find out that there are lots of work you can do yourself with ease and some work that requires a professional present like electrical work.

Electricity work is kind of special area because it needs licensed professionals. However, there are still few things you can do yourself such as installing garden lights, water pumps, fire alarms without having a license.


Government is very serious about electrical work being done by non-professionals because it often results in serious injuries and even death. Just stay on the law’s side and hire professionals, make sure they are insured too. Installing an electric equipment may not be hard so why are not allowed to do it? Well, the problem arises afterward when you connect it to electricity. Any small mistake you might have had will result in bigger consequences.

Your house might be going through a renovation and there are few things you can do to have a safe environment electrical wise.

Keep the leads straight and put them aside so no one falls over. Leads might get damaged too, by sitting around. During the renovation, there will be a need for extension cords. It would be a big mistake to use any random extension cord for different purposes. HeaHeavy-duty tension cords must be used for renovation type of jobs. Do not leave them outside either, getting into contact with rain they would burn the whole system down.

You can tape open wires while they are not in use to make it safe for everyone. Needless to say, power must be turned off before you touch those wires. Safety does not end here. Make a strict rule that only people who are involved in the renovation can be inside the house. Kids, friends or curious people should stay away from the renovation site.


Get yourself familiar with the fuse box, it will come handy many times. For example, you might overuse your electrical power and some switches might shut themselves off. If you did not know about the fuse box you would have to call an electrician just to flip a switch and pay lots of money.

Australia has strict laws in terms of electricity but professional electricians will help you out. As we mentioned earlier, the only thing you need to make sure is that the electrician in insured and knows what he is doing.

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