Caravanning Around Australia

Australia is one of the popular choices for adventurers to have a caravan trip around. Especially backpackers all around the world come to Australia to make the trip of their lives. Adventures do not come without challenges and there are few tips you should know before you start touring Australia with your caravan.

You will not get the desired sleep if you are in a caravan park. People in those parks tend to get up very early with the intention of getting the best spots in the next park. Not only that, there will be older caravanners who wake up really early in their daily lives as well. People being up as early as 5 a.m will wake you up too because of car engines running, people packing up. So unless you park your caravan in isolation from everyone else, do not expect a long-lazy sleep.

Along with your sleep, you can also farewell your privacy while you are in a caravan park. Most of the caravans are made of thin materials which sound passes easily. Being in a packed caravan park expect to hear a lot of strange conversation with yours being heard too. You can take your chair and walk a bit to read your book or just to stare at the stars in silence but you will still have to go back to your caravan at some point.

Remember that people are curious all the time, it will not be unusual to be looked at by different set of eyes. Especially when you are the last one to arrive at the caravan park there will be lots of people watching you park your caravan, ready to judge you at any time for any small mistake. If you are inexperienced and feel pressured because everyone is watching you parking your caravan, do not worry. You do not care what anybody else thinks, calmly park your caravan and do not worry if it takes time. Do not be tempted if anyone says anything about your parking or lack of experience while setting up your camp. You will always come across not so nice people in those parks and it is best to ignore them.

Toilets will not be the cleanest during your trip. Caravan parks or public toilets on the roads, keep your expectations at the lowest. On top of that, you will have to wait in queues most of the time. Avoid parking near the toilets, because of not being cleaned properly there will be a bad stink and noise of people going in and out all the time.

No matter how well your trip is planned, something will always go wrong and not only once. The weather for one is very unreliable in some parts of Australia. Your car or caravan may fail when not expected. In any type of unpleasant situation keep your calm and look for a solution. Going around screaming and shouting will not get you back on the road or solve the problem right away.

Some people go as far as living in a caravan house permanently and they do not have to worry about conventional houses problems or moving places for the rest of their lives.

Having a caravan trip is one of the most beautiful and refreshing experience that you may ever try. If you still don’t own a caravan, you still can rent one, you can also find a lot of caravans for sale in Sydney or any other suburbs. Price range for proper caravan is between 80K-120K.

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