Tips To Live More Organized In Your New Apartment

Moving into a new house or apartment might just be the motivation and opportunity you have been looking for to have a fresh start. A new house means a clean environment. If you weren’t very well organized at your previous place and your excuse was that you were waiting for a fresh start, here you go. You can set a personal goal of being more organized at your new home just like setting  New Year’s resolutions.


If you are moving into a new place soon and you think it is an opportunity to reset your home propensities, here are a couple of things you ought to consider consolidating into your routine to benefit as much as possible from your new residence.

Do not keep stuff that you do not use. Those things will take an entire drawer or two over time. It is ok to have a dedicated place for miscellaneous items but separate them from rubbish.

After you move you will start receiving your mail at your new address. Remember how you used to handle them previously? Do not do the same here, they will make a clutter – a mess if you do not sort them out. On top of the mail, those advertisement catalogs that fill up your mailbox, throw them into the recycle bin. Keeping them in your house thinking you would need them at some point is wrong. This is the ideal opportunity to come up with a cleaning plan for your house, exploit this new beginning by making a cleaning logbook immediately.


Pause for a minute to think about the things you find hard to do—is it completing the dishes in an auspicious way, or not returning things back to their place after using them, abandoning them wherever causing a mess.If you want to overcome these type of bad habits, apply a 24-hour time limit to yourself for completing them.

Do your laundry more often. Get a laundry basket and wash your clothes once it is full. Waiting until the last minute when you do not have anything to wear is not the correct way of doing your laundry. Besides leaving you with nothing to wear,  it is also disorganizing your house.


What keeps a house organized are the little things that we often overlook. Making the bed, taking the trash out, washing the dishes are not necessarily time-consuming if they are done frequently. It is only time-consuming when the dishes and the garbage pile up.

Keeping your place neat and tidy is even harder if you are not the only person in the house. Living with housemates or roommates is a period many of have experienced especially in college years. You have to be strict with your friends when it comes to cleaning and being organized. If your friends are as keen as you are, you will not even have to persuade them to be more organized.

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