Walt Disney buys Fox for a staggering $52 billion

Walt Disney has made a deal with 21st Century Fox to acquire their whole business with an addition of %39 share that Fox had in Sky Satellite Broadcaster.

Fox’s owner Rupert Murdoch, started his empire with an inherited news paper from his father. Half a century of being in media world as one of the biggest names, he made one of his sharpest moves.

To explain why Disney made this deal, we have to talk about the future of watching films and TV shows. Online streaming is already very popular with companies like Netflix and Amazon bringing everything one platform. Disney believes that the new assets will help them compete in the new era. They are investing big time in online streaming as well. Experts are highlighting that this move will get Disney few steps ahead in the competition against tech giants residing in California.

One thing is certain that it will be the viewers who will benefit from this. More competition means lower prices and higher quality. Unlike a decade ago, there aren’t only a few major entities providing films and TV content anymore.

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